What is the Difference between Python and Ruby?

Both are simple yet great languages. Both are new and are easy to code, and they can be used in data science as well.

The choice of any programming language depends on your project. Whether you are creating web development or data analysis, choose the language that suits well your project requirements.

So, I am not inclined towards any of the languages i.e. I mean to say among ‘Python’ and ‘Ruby’. Let’s see the pros and cons of each language.

Pros of Python:

  • Undoubtedly a great language for AI, ML, and other data science work. Data cleaning and data analyzing can be done conveniently with Python.
  • So easy that even startups and beginners can pick it up.
  • It holds manageable documentation.
  • It’s open source, easy to download, and community help is available easily.
  • Can be used with various libraries easily.

Cons of Python:

  • Though it has web development frameworks/libraries, but not that classy.
  • It does not work properly with parallel threads and tasks.
  • It’s slower than many coding languages, especially than Ruby.
  • Not good for heavy data websites.

Pros of Ruby:

  • Ruby is perfect for startup firms/companies as it’s faster, plus has good rapport in the field of web development.
  • ‘Rails’ is a web development framework of Ruby, it’s considered better than Django of Python.
  • Good for heavy traffic websites. It handles big data efficiently.
  • Easy to code and learn. Its code is readable.

Cons of Ruby:

  • It’s not as popular as Python.
  • It has limited community and support.
  • It’s still evolving.
  • There are tools and resources in the language but not as flexible as with Python libraries.

Despite differences there are scores of companies worldwide that are using these languages. The below picture paints a clear idea:

companies using ruby and python


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