How to Find Good Content Writers for Promoting Business?

In the world of Internet or say digital era, content is needed for all platforms. Therefore, long ago it has been said that content is king. And for all sorts of businesses, content is imperative as it helps in discovering products or services when someone searches online. Hiring SEO content writer has now become a trend for businesses across the world.

Let’s find out why companies or website owners outsource content needs to freelancers or small groups of writers or hire in-house content writers. Probably they are suffering from the following phobias:

  • Fear of writing
  • Inadequate resources
  • Don’t know what web writing exactly is and how does it start
  • Shortage of time
  • The need to have very unpredictable content
  • Not enough money
  • Business support
  • Branding and marketing and much more

The above mentioned reasons sound plausible but make sense when you go on to find SEO content writers. Do you also have more or one of the quoted reasons to outsource your work? The thing is, first define your plans and needs. Just hiring freelance content writers online, then realizing that nothing is going as planned is a total waste. Then, this is a failure for both parties; you would lose time, money and most important credibility of your in-house team. Think before you act. Don’t be a jack of all trades but master of none.

Before you go on to hire SEO content writers, ask a few questions to yourself, if the answers reflect logic, go ahead, otherwise wait and think over your concerns.

  • Am I a capable of writing some content, if not for all categories?
  • Can my in-house team drive that content for me
  • Do I have enough budgets to pay freelancers?
  • Will the freelancers can submit the work on time and regularly, if not then what the backup plan is.

The whole purpose to spread awareness is to seek whether you need a writer or not. Many companies hire a complete team of writers and online marketers even when they are in the infant stage. This practice adds burden to their costs and they normally begin repenting even before they complete a year, after six or seven months. Freelance portals are not going anywhere, thus hire for big or small projects whenever there is a need. Keeping the staff on bench as a startup is not only a setback but also a suicidal tendency.

As a budding and intelligent entrepreneur, you should be able to find out what kind of content you need – business to business or business to customer. Content’s role differs hugely for both. May be you land up hiring a B2B specialist, while your need is of B2C.

Thus, always, before you decide on a scheme to hire content writers, kindly go through their published work to get a fairer idea about their writing capabilities and a range of experience. For instance, if they are suited for real estate, please for god’s sake don’t drag them into fashion segment or something strange that would be new to them, for that they may take years to learn. Be smart and read a lot about your line of business and other domains and content writers job descriptions, otherwise you will be the same tomfool, year after year.

Plan out well – what kind of a web content writer you always have had wanted. Hiring wrong or incapable writer may put you straight six months back from the mainstream business.

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