Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid as a New Blogger

“To err is human.” Let’s accept we all make mistakes but that’s how we learn from those mistakes and grow in our lives and career. Bloggers are no exception to this trend. I know how it is felt for a newbie blogger who is fast and furious to leave the world scratching their heads. As a new blogger we all try to write as much as possible without considering other important factors because the commonly fed thinking is ‘Content is King’. Yes it is, but there’s a way out for everything in life.

Let’s see some of the common mistakes done by new bloggers across the world.

Impractical publishing schedule:

Expectation is a bad word for bloggers. Since this word nudges us to do something which is out of our usual pace. Well, when I was new to blogging 6 years ago, I personally wanted to post 100 posts on my blog per month. That was a jolt to my self-expectations. Finally in a week I began faltering, even though I was trying to fulfill it but other things were lagging behind. It’s better you realize the speedometer of your caliber.

The tip is to keep a realistic publishing schedule, it is Okay if you publish a post per week. You may not lag behind as you think. Because publishing a post every day for first 15 days then never coming back will weaken your blogging chances. Your readers should roughly know your publishing pattern otherwise once felt pissed up they would never show up again. Get into a self discipline and stick to a timetable.

Not using headers or bullet points:

According to many reports 50 percent online users don’t even read full posts – they just flick through the points or headers or pictures. Like I do on Life Hack website (a famous site about life)! A serious blogger has to write long posts in order to send the correct and optimum information out to his/her readers. So if it is like a textbook content – plain without special subheadings then it is useless – as you know that 50 percent rule.

Too many internal links like click here or click there:

Don’t force your readers to click here and there like music or movie downloading sites because at times it becomes misleading and people hate it and also it puts your blog’s credibility at stake. Always use a bold statement or phrase for linking. Never finish a post with a link unless it is from Wikipedia or some other encyclopedia.

No Images in haste or lethargy or don’t know how to find:

Many bloggers think that content is important hence they either choose poor quality images or prefer publishing without any images. This is self-destruction, as humans we all attract to visual themes first than a text one. Also, before taking images for your post please check whether it is copyrighted protected or not. It is better to take images from websites that offer copyright free images or from Google search you can find copyright free images by this method: Settings > Advanced Search > Usage Rights > Free to Use, Share or Modify, even Commercially. There a few options choose which suits you best.

In another case, you can use the image but you need to credit its source. Most of the bloggers take this method.

Handling comments:

New bloggers generally don’t get many comments so early. They need to sound bit familiar to the subject they are representing. Even if they begin getting comments, they tend to ignore them. That’s again a bullying attitude. There are two trends popular among new bloggers regarding the comments. One, they ignore and do not reply, and second they get lot of fake comments. For example, what is a railway booking comment doing on a book review site. So, if you feel the comment is fake or not relevant to the matter, kindly delete it.

Other than the above mentioned there can be some more mistakes like no social media icons, not showing popular or recent posts or using a very cluttered theme which puts users off instantly. But worry not because a passionate blogger always overcomes his/her mistakes and truly learns from a scratch (if needed) to rise like a superstar. Don’t worry much about mistakes, just focus on your blog with an eye of balance and self-discipline.

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